We offer several formats of learning Russian as a foreign language with different degrees of intensity of training, individualization of the learning process, special terms and conditions of study. Therefore, at our courses of Russian as a foreign language people specially coming to Minsk learn Russian rather as the residents living and working in Minsk, and those who prefer to work on-line, without leaving the house.
General peculiarity of all courses of the School of Russian Language “Leader” are communicative methods of teaching created to meet the educational needs of every student.
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Group study:
Individual tuition:
Online courses:
Corporate training:

Group study

It’s the most popular program of our courses, where you use the maximum possible communication for the development of various communicative situations, speaking and listening comprehension. You learn Russian in a classroom in Minsk with an intensive training format.
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Individual tuition

If you want to get the maximum attention from a teacher for your succes when you learn Russian as a foreign language, the individual tuition is for you. You may take individual lessons, based on a special methodology, either in our classroom or in your office. You can pay more attention to the language skills which are important for you.
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Online courses

Online courses are formed for those who want to learn on their own, but want to receive an occasional support from the teacher. Individual lessons are organized in Skype. You can study either at home or anywhere in the world. Learn Russian online with pleasure!
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Corporate training

We have also courses of Russian as a foreign language for employees on request of the employer, taking into account the specifics of the business. Lessons are carried out in a group and individually as well, in your office or in our classrooms.
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