7 best blogs for learning the Russian language and culture

7 best blogs for learning the Russian

The Russian as a foreign language "Leader" school Blog

We are pleased to present you our blog in English and culture. In the blog, you will find articles on any topic: from the very basics (alphabet or numbers) to more complex grammar, rules (motion Russian verbs). There are also articles that have helped you to communicate on everyday topics: to learn about yourself or about your family. In addition, course, we did not ignore the cultural component. Do you want to know about samovar or dumplings? All this can be found on the website. The blog post is in Russian.

Russian Language Podcast

This blog focus is learning Russian for free audio lessons (podcasts). In addition to an individual lesson, there is a transcript in PDF format, transcription and translation exercises. The podcast itself can be listened to free, other materials can be received after a symbolic payment (donate at your discretion). There is also a blog section, which contains articles on various topics related to the Russian language study. Information on the site is in Russian.

The Day Russian Word

Don Livingston, who teaches Russian at Arizona State University, writes this educational blog. Don regularly updates his personal blog with “thinking about Russian vocabulary”. Each article is devoted to one word or phrase, which is studied in detail from a linguistic, grammatical or cultural viewpoint. He also uses this word use in a sentence. The main information in the blog is in English, and there are also many examples in Russian. The blog will be interesting for outlook a broad scope and topics a more complete coverage.

Mozi House

The blog focus is on Russian vocabulary and grammar. The entire article devoted to grammar rules is supplemented with visual diagrams and tables. And lexical topics are presented in video images with a caption. Also on the site you will find free video tutorials , cards for audio texts and other useful materials. The blog post is in Russian.

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Very Much Russian

This is again a blog with podcasts dedicated to Russian idioms, slang and expressions. Each issue is accompanied by a complete transcript in Russian with strike marks and an English translation. The blog author offers fascinating interesting Russian speeches and use examples reproduction in speech. Also on the site you will find Russian jokes and jokes, proverbs and sayings, modern vocabulary a dictionary – all this is in Russian with an English translation.

Just Russian

This blog is about cultural specifics. Here you will find many interesting topics that most often do not appear in ordinary textbooks. For example, you will learn about natural traditions, find out where surnames in Russian come from and get acquainted with common ones, get tips on how to quickly master the Cyrillic alphabet – the Russian alphabet. The blog post is in Russian.

Understand Russia

Another blog that helps to get acquainted with Russian culture. It presents everyday life many phenomena in Russia. How it is customary to give flowers in Russia, how Russians cope with a long winter, blogs gender and age stereotypes in Russia – this reveals interesting things a lot, and this will definitely be information that is not covered in English textbooks. Articles are written in English.

In these blogs each you will find information that will help you not only learn Russian, but also understand Russian culture and mentality. Language and culture are inextricably covered, which means that acquaintance with both components at the same time is probably better prepared for communication in the world space.

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