The word LEADER comes from the Old English word ‘lædan’ meaning ‘to go as a guide’. And We have been guiding students from all over the world for more than 27 years, and we are one of the biggest Educational Centers in Belarus.

We are not some simple courses, we are a full-fledged language school, and all of our courses work globally and encourage understanding between different cultures. We believe that each of our students will enjoy learning Russian and will surely achieve their personal goals. Our teachers always aim for the result with their enthusiasm and student-friendly methods, which makes us perhaps the best language-teaching crew in all of the CIS region. We’ll help you speak Russian fluently and feel confident while communicating with native speakers.

In our school the educational process is organized at a level that meets the high standards of European education. And all of our students are able to receive an Internationional Certificate, that will serve as an advantege when applying to a new job, or developing you career path.

We are always eager to help our foreign students who desire to study Russian in our center. We will gladly help you arrange your visa, find a place to live and organize your leisure activities in Belarus.

By choosing us you are choosing the best!