Study in Russian school – its not only lessons with experienced teachers but immersing into the culture where everyone speaks Russian, but lives not as people in Russia. We welcome you in a small Europian country with unspoilt nature, hospitable citizens and clean cities.

There are many museums, theatres, concert halls, ice stadiums, night clubs, cafes and restaurants. At weekends many excursions to ancient architectual momunets and rural villages are held. You can feel the traditional life and take part in national crafts.

Our school supports our students in searching the accommodation and organising of cultural programme. We collaborate with hostels, hotels and estate agencies and we are very glad to welcome our guests.

If you book our service in advance you will know the address, price and the possibility of extra service. We try to find the families and personell who speak English but advice to use Russian more.

The prices on our sites are not exact, it depends on the type and place of living.At Leader, we understand that where you live and what you eat are equally as important as your lessons when you study abroad. We offer four main types of accommodation and, whatever you choose, we will do our utmost to ensure that your temporary home meets your personal needs. Alternatively, you may arrange your accommodation independently, if you so wish.

Choose any type of accommodation!