More and more often international students choose Belarussian universities. Thus it becomes usual to meet students from China, South Korea, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries in universities of Minsk. Foreign students study exact sciences and the humanities in various universities of Minsk and regional centers. In the recently published QS World University Rankings, the so-called “times’ rating” lists two major Belarusian universities, which certainly means that they are among the best for foreign students in Belarus.

Belarusian State University


The Belarusian State University is one of the oldest universities in Belarus, located in Minsk. It was founded in 1919. Today there are 17 faculties, including such prestigious as the Facultu of International Affairs and the Faculty of Law, as well as School of Business and Management of Technologies. More than 43 000 students study there including 2400 foreigners.

Belarusian National Technical University


The Belarusian National Technical University, located in Minsk, was founded in 1920. Today there are 17 faculties, including such prestigious as Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Informatics, Electronics and Robotics, and Faculty of Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship.

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