Study for pleasure: How foreigners study Russian, travelling around Belarus.

Educational center “Leader” is one of the few academic institutions where foreign students can learn the Russian language. The course, called “Russian as a foreign language” connects people from  all over the world: Italy, Turkey, Australia, USA and other countries.


The educational process  becomes interesting and exciting and our  students attend classes with joy, with the help of  variable extracurricular activities. These activities help not only to practice Russian, but also to learn more about Belarussian culture, history, and Belarussian people.


Elena Pashuk, the head of School of Russian “Leader”, says: “Students really enjoy extracurricular activities.  The trips around Belarus give them opportunity  to  have  a good time, meet new friends in Minsk, and get acquainted with each other”. The most popular events are excursions around the Belarus.


“We arrange our excursions at least once a month. In July, we’ve visited Neswizh, as our students were interested in visiting this place,” Elena says. “As our students are in the process of language learning, we prepared an adapted version of the text with translation to English, easy to understand even for beginners. Even though many our students have a good command of language and can do without translation.”


The next excursion  is already arranged. Soon the group will visit  Belovezhskaya puscha. Many students are looking forward to visit  the national park,  which is included in the List of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.


By the way, these excursions are available not only to students of Russian as a foreign language school “Leader”, but also to the students of the school of English Englishpapa. It is a great opportunity  to practice spoken language. It is also possible to invite family or friends in these trips.  The excursions are not the only opportunity to improve language skills.Melting pot and Mafia Club are  popular here, too.


Every week our students of russian and english courses, meet for informal communication. In Melting Pot club students discuss interesting topics and interact a lot, also they have an opportunity to practice Russian and English languages. In Mafia Club, students can play their favorite game with foreignmates.


Extracurricular activities are very interesting for students. Everyone, who takes learning language seriously, never miss a chance to talk with native speakers.



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