About the students’ of the School of Russian language «Leader» trip to Belovezhskaya Puscha.

The School of Russian language «Leader» does all the best to make the study process interesting for foreign students. That is why the excursions to different places of interest are organized here, where the foreign students can practice language skills. Because it is impossible to learn foreign language without speaking in real-life conditions.

 In december  the students from Turkey, Great Britain and Spain visited Belovezhskaya Puscha. The excursion was organized by the School of Russian language «Leader» and the school of English «EnglishPapa». Before the New Year a forest is full of miracles and surprises, especially if you are here at the first time.

At the puscha the guests met the oak giant at the age of six hundred years. More than seven persons are needed to embrace this thirty metres wide oak! Here the students met also the characters of the Slavic mythology and the main characters of the New Year fairy-tales: Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka gave to the  guests handmade gingerbread.


The foreign students began to prepare for the trip to the Ded Moroz’s estate in advance. They learned the New Year songs in Russian language, and wrote the letters to Ded Moroz with congratulations and wishes for the next year. And, despite of   gloomy weather without any snow, everyone felt the festive and magical New Year atmosphere.

The School of Russian language «Leader» invites you to learn Russian with a team of professional and creative teachers.  You will not only learn Russian language, but you will also get acquainted with Russian culture in unusual way.

We are waiting for you at our school!

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