How our students celebrated Maslenitsa in Berezinskii biosphere reserve

In the end of February the students from Switherland, Spain, Turkey, Poland,Iraq went to the excursion in Berezinskii biosphere reserve. The journey was organized by the School of Russian language «Leader» and the school of English «EnglishPapa». The students with different levels of Russian language (from the beginners to B2 level) took part in the event.

In the end of winter before Lenten season Maslenitsa is celebrated according to the Russian traditions. The students had a great possibility to observe it, because at the central estate of Berezinskii nature reserve the outdoor festival, dedicated to Maslenitsa was held. Belorussian children took part in the festival.


Then the students visited the forest zoo , where the aviaries with wild animals are situated. Different kinds of wild animals live in Berezinskii nature reserve ,such as, deer, wild boars,bears,elks, racoons, foxes,wolves. Also the bison giant lives here, which is considered to be the symbol of Belarus.


The foreign guests admired wild animals, and fed the bison with carrots. here was a strong snow fall that day, and it was amazing for foreign guests from warm countries.


The students went for a sleigh ride along the snow covered forest, made a snowman, and finally, on their way home from Berezinskii nature reserve, they were playing snowballs and were having a great fun. The foreign students brought from their magical winter trip and Maslenitsa celebration excellent photos and bright impressions.


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