About: Yulia Pachomova-Televich

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The teacher of Russian language as a foreign from 2008.
The teacher of the Belarusian state university (for 2 years) and the Belarusian state medical university (for 6 years).
The graduate of philological faculty of the Belarusian state university in 2008. The graduate of postgraduate school in 2014.
The author of 35 articles (also about the foreigner’s adaptation in Belarus and Russia).
Yulia has the experience of teaching foreign students both in group and individually (from A1 to C1 level).
She teaches also teenagers, children and adults from Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the USA, Norway, Sweden, China, Korea, Australia, Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Namibia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidzhan.
She has the experience of teaching Russian language to the students of medical and linguistic universities and also at special courses “ Russian speaking etiquette for adaptation” and “Russian language. Business course.”