Educational centre Leader has held the leader positions on the market of corporate training in Belarus for about 10 years. We laso offer to learn Russian within your company

Leader is the biggestt educational centre in Belarus to teach Russian professionally the corporate clients. Our corporate training is the team of experienced teachers, the modern technologies, good material and technical resourses.

Corporate Russian training in «Leader» center assumes individual training of your experts on the general and specialized courses. We offer the ready comprehensive programs developed by our professional experts for the companies in various branches of business, and individual techniques of improvement of knowledge of foreign languages for the heads. We can teach you Russian language within the company that you work for.

In the course of corporate training which is provided in small groups, our teachers give a maximum of attention to each client, provide the fastest rates of comprehensibility of a material, constantly control progress in training. During occupations extra methodical materials and opportunities online of consultations are offered.

At the end of the course each listener hands over the examination test and receives official documents on the termination of courses — the standard certificate and the certificate in English.

Our advantages:

The Leader center works at the market of a vocational education since 2004 and during this time we created a group of high-class teachers. Each our teacher is a skilled professional. Besides, our teachers have practical experience of training of corporate clients in various areas of business and are capable to develop individual techniques of training for your employees.
We use practical communication techniques of training for teaching corporate experts.
We offer the most advanced techniques of the fast training. If it is necessary, our experts can create the individual program of preparation for your employees which will be most adapted under requirements of your business.
We give classes on the territory of your company, in the conditions of your real working situation. You can form the time and the schedule, a format of courses and the size of the groups for training.
To order corporate training in Leader center, you need to contact us and to leave the demand then we will surely meet you for discussion of your requirements, methodical programs of training of your employees.