Educational courses by the Leader Educational Center including the School of Russian as a Foreign Language Leader were officially awarded with the #1 Educational Courses Title in Belarus. On the 26th of November the International Choice of the Year festival awarding ceremony was held in Minsk.

“We are inspired by the success stories of our graduates,  who started their business, found interesting jobs, got new hobbies and new friends after our courses. 16 years ago, when we were starting our business we decided to rely on the involvement and motivation of best teachers. Getting this prize and the official recognition of our courses as #1 in Belarus confirms that we had made the right choice.”

Sergey Sulimov,
founder of the educational center “Leader”

About The Festival

In Belarus the international festival Choice of the Year was first held in 2002. The purpose of the project is comprehensive assessment of the quality and popularity of particular products or services among consumers and professional experts in order to establish the leaders in each category. Winners are determined based on market research which is conducted by an international research company. Results are verified and confirmed by an international audit company, that guarantees objectivity. The project was initiated by the Festivals International (USA) and the European Foundation for Social Studies at the European Chamber of Commerce (Brussels, Belgium).

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