Eleven strange Russian superstitions you should know about

Russian superstitions

Russians are a superstitious people; they do strange or unusual things a lot to ward off bad luck or attract it. If you learn a little more about Russian superstitions, the mysterious Russian culture will open up to you from a new perspective. In addition, you won’t find yourself in an awkward situation when faced with superstitions.

Attracting good Luck

Superstitions are not always associated with something bad; sometimes people observe certain rituals to attract good luck.

1. Присесть на дорожку / Sit for a moment before the trip

Russian superstitions

Before a long journey, when your suitcases are packed and you are almost at the door, you need to sit down for a few minutes. This tradition origin is pagan and connected with the home spirits. It was believed that the house ghost guards the house, and before you leave, you must ask his permission. If you do not do this, he would run after the owners, and the house would be left without protection. Nowadays, almost no one believes in housekeepers, but the habit has remained.

This superstition also has practical benefits: you can concentrate, breathe out from the hustle and packing bustle, and remember whether you packed everything.

2. Загадать желание между двумя людьми с одинаковыми именами / Make a wish between two people with the same name

If you meet people with the same name, stand between them, you can also take their hands, and make a wish. Only do not tell anyone what you have made a wish, otherwise it will not come true. To find people with the same name in Russia will be easy, because often children are called by popular names for that period.

The tradition origins: children used to be named according to the church calendar, according to the saint’s names, so it was believed that this way these saints on both sides would protect you.

Russian superstitions

3. Загадать желание на божью коровку / Make a wish on a ladybug

If a ladybug has sat on your hand, make a wish and look, if it flies away quickly, your wish will come true. In general, a ladybug is considered as good luck a symbol, prosperity and safety.

4. Даря кошелек, положить в него монетку / Giving a wallet, put a coin in it

If you decide to give someone as a gift a wallet or a purse, be sure to put some money in it. Even roubles a couple a small coin will be enough. Thus, you will attract money luck in the one house to whom the gift is intended.

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Scaring away bad luck

However, more often than not, superstitions are related to our fears and we pay attention to them because we want to avoid failure.

Russian superstitions

5. Не свистеть дома / Do not whistle at home

In any case, do not whistle, especially at home, because you can bring financial trouble on yourself. In the day evening, you will be able to go back to your home.

6. Показать зеркалу язык, возвращаясь домой / Show your tongue to the mirror when returning home

Russian superstitions

The most popular superstitions one in Russia concerns returning home when you have forgotten something. It may sound illogical, but if you have forgotten something, you shouldn’t go back. If there is absolutely no way to go without it, just remember to look in the mirror and even show it your tongue before you leave the house again, and everything will be fine.

This superstition has to do with the houseman again. If you come home suddenly, just stepping out the doorstep, the bogeyman may be frightened. Therefore, you need to look in the mirror to bring the worlds back boundaries into balance.

7. Не показывать новорождённого / Do not show the newborn

In some families in Russia, it is not customary to hold large-scale celebrations to mark a new family member arrival. In addition, even if a party is organized, it is only for the closest ones. If you want to visit your friends’ newborn, it is better to postpone this idea for at least a month after the birth, otherwise you may inadvertently transmit serious negative energies to the baby. In Russian, there is a corresponding term: “to jinx / put the evil eye on”.

8. Не здороваться через порог / Do not say hello through the threshold

People believe that a handshake or a kiss across the threshold can lead to an argument. This superstition has even reached into space! When the Russian Soyuz and the American Apollo docked, the Russian cosmonauts refused to shake hands with the foreign astronauts in the hatch. It is believed that one should not say hello, goodbye, or even just communicate when on the threshold opposite sides.

9. Не сидеть на углу стола незамужней женщине /  A single woman should not sit on the table corner

If a woman wants to get married, she should not sit on the table corner, otherwise she will remain unmarried for a full seven years. In Slavic mythology, there are many superstitions associated with corners. It is believed that protruding corners create energy vortex a kind and can blow away positive energies from a person, so one should not sit on the corner.

Note the predictions

Sometimes people are inclined to connect what is happening now with certain events in the future, to consider them a prediction. Moreover, such predictions are superstition a kind, because they are associated with a belief in irrational forces.

10. Упавший столовый прибор — к гостям / Fallen cutlery means a guest is coming

Russian superstitions

For example, if a spoon falls on the floor, it means that in the near future, a woman will come to you, and it will be a kind, good woman. If a fork fell down, it will be an angry woman, and a fallen knife indicates a man arrival. If you are not ready to see guests now, you need to knock on the floor with a fallen appliance three times.

11. К чему чешется ладонь? / Why does the hand itch?

If your left palm is itching, it means that you can expect money soon. In order to make it come true, it is necessary to scratch your left palm against your pocket. If your right hand itches, it means that you will soon meet a person whom you haven’t seen for a long time.

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