Getting to know each other in Russian: how to keep the conversation going

Getting to know each other in Russian: how to keep the conversation going

Communicating with other people is the main reasons one why we learn foreign languages. But for many people it is difficult to be the first one to start communicating in Russian in order to get acquainted, or even to respond to an acquaintance proposal. So that you don’t get lost in such a situation and can keep the conversation going, learn the phrases for meeting Russian-speaking people beforehand.

How do I get to know Russians?

Therefore, the main thing is to get started. So first, remember a few simple phrases.

Давайте знакомиться! — Let’s get to know each other!

This is a rather formal phrase in Russia; if the setting is informal, use the word “давай” “let’s” instead. You could say “Давай познакомимся!”

If you are approached with such an offer, it is OK to respond, if you want to get to know each other, course:

  • С удовольствием! — With pleasure!
  • Я не против! — I don’t mind!
  • Давайте / давай! — OK.

If you have no desire to socialise with new people now, the answer may be:

  • Нет, спасибо. — No thanks.
  • Я не хочу сейчас знакомиться. — I don’t want to get acquainted right now.
  • Извините / извини, но меня не интересуют знакомства. — Sorry, but I’m not interested in interaction.

To diversify your Russian speech, use other options to strike up a conversation when getting to know Russians:

  • Можно с вами / тобой познакомиться? — Can I get to know you?
  • Привет! Меня зовут Иван. А тебя? — Hello! My name is Ivan. And yours?
  • Не хочешь познакомиться? — Would you like to get acquainted?
  • Как насчет познакомиться? — How about getting to know each other?

The last three expressions are suitable for informal communication, while the first would be appropriate in any situation. 

How to continue a conversation when meeting someone 

So, you have offered to get acquainted, the person you are talking to has not refused, and now you need to continue the conversation to avoid awkward pauses and to see if you will be interested in further communication. Usually at the beginning of a conversation, people choose a neutral or common topic. For example, you can introduce yourself, ask how you are doing, find out where the person is from, etc.

These phrases in Russian will help you keep the conversation going when getting to know each other: 

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  • Меня зовут Александр. А вас/тебя? — My name is Alexander. And yours?
  • Я Петр. А как зовут тебя/вас? — I am Peter. What’s your name?
  • Приятно познакомиться. — Nice to meet you.
  • Мне тоже. — Me too.
  • Как дела? — How are you?
  • Отлично! / Хорошо. / Неплохо. — Excellent! / I’m fine. / Not bad.
  • Откуда вы/ты? — Where are you from?
  • Я из… — I’m from…

A sample dialogue in Russian for introductions and subsequent conversations might look as follows:

– Привет! Можно с тобой познакомиться? / Hello! Can I get to know you?

– Привет! Да, конечно. Я Анна, а тебя как зовут? / Hi! Oh, sure. I’m Anna, what’s your name?

– Очень приятно! Я Сьюзан. Как дела? / Nice to meet you! I am Susan. How are you?

– Отлично. Ты откуда? / I’m fine. Where are you from?

–  Я из Англии. / I am from England .

– Здорово. Ты будешь учиться с нами? / Great. Will you study with us?

– Да. / Yes, I will.

– Пойдем, я познакомлю тебя с остальными. / Come on, I’ll introduce you to the others.

Dating in Russian in different situations 

Above, we have described standard dating situations in more formal or neutral cases, for example dating in a student setting, at work. However, there are many situations where you are uncomfortable with the standard “Давай познакомимся” phrase. Alternatively, your surroundings might suggest a more interesting approach. In addition, you can meet Russians not only offline, but also online, on dating sites, in thematic chat rooms. In addition, in each case, it’s possible to use different phrases in Russian. We suggest you learn some of them and use them when appropriate. 

  • Могу я помочь вам? — May I help you? (You see that the person needs help, you can offer your assistance and then, if appropriate, continue to communicate).
  • Извините, вы не подскажете… — Excuse me, could you tell me… (A great way to get to know someone if you are afraid to propose directly).
  • Мы встречались с вами ранее? — Have we met before?
  • Привет, я тут мало кого знаю, поэтому хочу представиться. Я (имя), и работаю в (компании)… — Hi, I don’t know many people here, so I’d like to introduce myself. I am (name) and I work for (company)… (A great option for introductions at a conference or any other formal event).

The following options are also suitable to strike up a conversation at an event:

Как вы узнали об этом мероприятии? — How did you hear about this event?

Потрясающее место. Вы тут уже бывали? — Awesome place. Have you been here before?

Раз уж мы оба тут (in the cafeteria, at the bar, in the waiting room), я думаю, мне стоит представиться. Я (имя) из (компании) — Since we’re both here, I think I should introduce myself. I am (name) from (company).

Don’t be afraid to get to know other people, there will always be someone who will respond positively and be happy to continue communicating. The more you communicate, the more confident your Russian language skills will become.

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