The Halloween is mostly an English speaking world’s holiday. However, in Belarus and other Russian speaking countries this day is also popular. We have prepared a list of thematic words so that you could easily celebrate this day with your Russian speaking friends. So enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

Весёлого Хэллоуина! [vesjologo hjellouina] – Happy Halloween!
Сладости или гадости! [sladosti ili gadosti] – Trick or Treat! – a popular Halloween custom, when children dress up in costumes and visit people’s houses in search of sweets.
День всех святых [den’ vseh svjatyh] – All Hallows Eve – another name for Halloween.

Вампир [vampir] – vampire – an undead creature who sleeps in a coffin by day, and ventures out at night to bite people and drink their blood.
Ведьма [ved’ma] – witch – a woman believed to have magical powers.
Гадости [gadosti] – tricks – practical jokes, or other acts of deception.
Клыки [klyki] – fangs – sharp, pointy upper front teeth, designed for piercing flesh.
Костюм [kostjum] – costume – a make-believe outfit, worn for fun at Halloween.
Котёл [kotjol] – cauldron – a cooking pot, used by witches to brew spells.
Кошмар [koshmar] – nightmare – a scary, bad dream.
Магия [magiya] magic – the power or ability to make things happen by casting spells, or entertaining people by performing tricks.
Метла [metla] – broom or broomstick – a type of brush with a long wooden handle, said to be used by witches to fly, according to legend.
Монстр [monstr] – monster – a fearful, horrid, imaginary creature.
Паук [pa-uk] – spider – an insect with eight legs that spins webs.
Паутина [pa-utina] – web – spiders spin these to catch flies.
Плащ [plasch] – cape – a long, voluminous outer garment, or cloak. Often worn by vampires.
Призрак [prizrak] ghost – undead spirit that haunts houses.
Свеча [svecha] – candle – a wax cylinder with a wick in the middle, that can be lit with a match to provide a source of light.
Сладости [sladosti] – sweets – sugary treats given to children at Halloween.
Страшный [strashnyj] – scary – something which is frightening.
Тыква [tykva] – pumpkin – an orange vegetable, which is often carved and hollowed out to make Halloween lanterns.
Ужасный [uzhasnyj] – creepy – unsettling, or very scary.
Чёрный кот [сhjornyj kot]  –   black cat – black cats are said to bring good luck in parts of the UK and Ireland.

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