Accommodation in a family of native speakers – the most popular option of placement for students of Russian as foreign language. After all familiarizing with life of real “users” of language gives the chance to practice language skills in the habitat. Our school of Russian cooperates with residents of Minsk who are ready to observe arrangements on placement conditions accurately. We carefully control implementation of all agreements concerning our listeners.
The standard of accommodation in a family means that the certain room with a bed and fresh linen, opportunity to use kitchen and a bathroom will be provided to you. You should conform to some house rules of a host (usually they concern smoking areas and restriction for noisy occupations). In exchange on these restrictions you receive a maximum care from a family at a very low price of accommodation.
Minsk citizens who accept students of Russian courses for foreigners are very sociable. As a rule, they are ready to give you help about daily affairs, the organizations of leisure and shopping. Many Belarussians cook well and will be able to offer you food together with a family.

What language to speak with a host family?

Of course, it is better to do in Russian: after all you come to Belarus for language practice. However for adaptation of beginners we select the families with basic knowledge.Be sure that you will understand each other!

A big house near Minsk with a lovely family. Kids and pets. The drop-of and pick-up from the city.

A family which consists of a mum, a dad and 2-years old child living in 3-rooms apartment.

A hospitable family in the suburb of Minsk

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