Minsk guests can choose different hotels. There are some 5 Stars hotels and 4 stars hotels and many 3 stars hotels.

Staying in a 3 star hotel includes hot shower, TV, telephone, fridge, soap, shampoo, it is cleaned every day. The hotel includes a car parking, a restaurant, and a bar. The rooms can be silgle or double. The breakfats is also included.

In the hotels without category you can face the absence of some facilities, but the process will be cheap.

If you are ready to pay you can stay in comfortable 4 stars and 5 star hotels like “Crown Plaza” and “Europe”, “Victoria”. Right upon check-in you will be pleasantly surprised that all the finest facilities and thoughtful details you demand are at your disposal at these hotels in Minsk.

We offer our clients different hotels. The prices in the calculator are average for 3 Star hotels. The exact price depends on the chosen hotel

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