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The success of learning Russian by foreigners is largely determined by textbooks. The speed of mastering new knowledge and its confident use in practice depend on how accessible and vividly presented the material is, and the structure of the books is well thought out. That’s why the teaching staff of our school “Leader” carefully selects suitable textbooks of RCT. All textbooks used by our students are fully compliant with the TRKI standards and have been proofread and checked by linguistic experts.

Textbook “Russian Language: First Steps”. Authors Belikova L.G., Shutova T.A., Erofeeva I.I.

The book in three parts is designed for foreigners to learn Russian from the basic fundamentals to confident speaking skills, from levels A1-2 to B1. The first part is divided into 10 lessons, plus 1 lesson for repetition and consolidation of the passed material. The other parts have the same structure.

The manuals include:

  • an introductory course, grammar basics that allow you to confidently use vocabulary, compose complex sentences;
  • independent tests for each lesson;
  • audio applications with QR code access to reinforce theoretical knowledge.

Each part is designed for 160-200 hours. After completing the course, students confidently pass the test tasks for the First Certification Level of Communicative Competence.

Textbook “Dot Ru”.

Authors: Dolmatova O, Novachatz E.

Tochka Ru is more than a textbook. It does not just familiarize beginning students with the basics of the Russian language. It reveals the peculiarities of Russian culture, traditions, and gives general knowledge about the country.
Its advantages:
  • the material is presented in an extremely accessible form, has a clear structure;
  • the set includes a workbook for independent work and a disk with audio recordings, allowing you to quickly master conversational speech, consolidate knowledge;
  • the audio files contain not only educational texts, but also live, everyday dialogues from famous movies;
  • colorful illustrations, made with a share of humor, awaken interest in learning, the desire to get to know Russian culture more deeply.
The textbook allows you to master the Russian language at the level of A2, is designed for 180-220 a. h.

Textbook “In Russian – EASY!”.
Author: Guskova E.

The textbook allows you to quickly acquire basic knowledge of the Russian language, learn to communicate fluently with Russian-speaking interlocutors, and maintain conversations on topics of interest. 

What are the advantages of the textbook?

Each lesson studies a topical topic: acquaintances, family, work, holidays, an ordinary day, stores.

  • The texts are written in an easy, entertaining form, arousing the sincere interest of students.
  • The book is decorated colorfully, contains color photos and illustrations.
  • The audio application, available by QR code, allows you to listen to the lessons on the road, on vacation, at home.
  • At the end of the book there is a game appendix with cards.

The textbook provides students with knowledge from level 0 to A1 in an easy, accessible way. The material contains 23 lessons and is designed for 96 a. h.

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Textbook “Window to Russia”.
Author: Skorokhodov L, Skorokhodova O.

The manual is intended for students of levels II-III who have already mastered the basic course of the Russian language. It familiarizes students with the style features of the Russian language and everyday life in modern Russia. It gives an understanding of leisure, fashion trends, professional and social activities of Russian citizens.

The advantages of the manual:

  • emphasis on independent work, consolidating theoretical knowledge;
  • audio materials for each lesson, accessible by QR-keys;
  • availability of comments explaining to foreigners the subtleties of relations, revealing differences in world outlook and cultural traditions.

The course is designed for 120 academic hours. At the end of the course the students successfully pass the exams for levels B2, C1

Textbook “In the World of People!”. Author: Makova M., Uskova O.

The textbook, consisting of three issues, is intended for foreign students who know Russian at the B2+ level. It allows you to improve your speaking skills to C1 and prepare for the TRKI-3 certification exam.

What is included in the course?

  • Lessons to improve speaking and writing skills.
  • Audio and video materials for each lesson, available by QR code.
  • The textbook is designed to meet the standards and requirements of the FSES, TRKI, CEFR.

A balanced training program with the use of modern textbooks, interactive audio and video materials is the right way to quickly master Russian as a foreign language. Step by step, the students of our school go from the basics to a confident command of spoken and written Russian at a high level.

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