While studying at Russian language courses in the educational center “Leader”, you can learn not only grammar and spelling, but also learn how to place the stress correctly. No doubt, to learn them by heart is quite difficult, however, for such a case there is a simple game method. This method is short but memorable rhymes that allow you to learn the stresses thanks to the obvious rimes. There are quite a lot of words in Russian in which the stress is often misspoken.

Many of them are very popular and used often in a business environment, such as the word “договор”. However, it is enough to learn a short poem, and there will be no problems:

Чтобы вдруг не вышел спор,
Заключите договОр.

It is not the only word, the wrong form of which is used in the language:

В бухгалтерии аврАл:
Завершается квартАл.

The same situation is with the word “квартал”, which is used in business and everyday life, in the computer field:

Чтоб скорей в библиотеке
Отыскать ты книгу смог,
В ней бывает картотека,
Специальный каталОг.

For those who want to have a better understanding of everyday items, it is necessary to name them correctly. Meanwhile, some interior details, such as blinds, cause difficulties – if not with the usage, but with the pronunciation:

Хороши и вблизИ
На окне жалюзИ.

Everyday life is full of surprises, but a surprise to a lot of people is a correct pronunciation of the words in which they put the accent not quite right:

На площадке хоровОд —
Чистят мусоропровОд.

Some technical terms are used in the language frequently, but not everyone pronounces them correctly. Forexample, theword “шасси”:

Для приземления просИ
Пилота выпустить шассИ.

Sometimes letters Е and Ё are mixed up, for example in the word “новорожденный”. It is easy to memorize:

Я ужасно утомлённый:
Брат не спит новорождённый.

There are also problems with the comparative degree of adjectives, even if the word is used often in the speech. Well-known example is different forms of the word “красивый”:

Тот из нас счастлИвее,
В ком душа красИвее.

Problems with the plural forms arise more often than with the singular ones. Of course, in the singular form it can be only one syllable, like in the word “бант”, for example:

Если есть в тебе талАнты,
Завяжи на праздник бАнты.

The similar story is with the word “шарф”. No one knows why, but the stress in this word is often misspoken:

А у нашей МАрфы
Все в полоску шАрфы.

Finally, another problematic word from the same group is the word “торт”. If there is the only cake, there is no problem, but what if there are a lot of them?

Не налезли шОрты —
Часто ели тОрты.

Sometimes, the wrong form of the stress is archaic or colloquial. Therefore, those who want to speak correctly and in a modern way should learn:

Доезжай до поворОта,
Вот дворец, вот вход — ворОта.

The word “ломота” rimes with the previous word, but causes errors due to completely different reason:

Тяжела была рабОта —
В теле всём теперь ломОта.

Returning to the adjectives, one cannot but recall another example – the story with ground water:

Утекают чаевЫе,
Словно воды грунтовЫе.

And finally, not very widespread today but still a literary word, which should be pronounced correctly:

Отдохну, а тут покА
Полежит моя киркА.

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