How to explain to a foreigner what “Yes, maybe” means and what is the most important in studying Russian. In order to find out all the details of teaching the “great and mighty” we have talked with Daria Zubko – a teacher of Russian language school “Leader”.

– Daria, how could you describe your work at the educational center “Leader”. What does it mean for you?

– It is very interesting and exciting to teach at “Leader”. We have international groups, so I always improve my professional level. Besides, I get to know something new outer of my profession from students, as they are the representatives of the countries, completely different from Belarus.

It is well-known that the Russian language is one of the most complicated in the world. Does it scare the students?

Probably the one who came to our courses has already made the choice, although there are many difficulties during the studies.

– What is particularly difficult for students in studying Russian? What is easy?

It is difficult to give a decisive answer. Every person is different and the country from which he came has its own language structure and language features. The most common difficulties are hissing sounds and grammar. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain to a foreigner the meanings of words and expressions that have acquired other connotations over the years of existence. For example, the expression «Данет, наверное» („Yes not, maybe “).

From your point of view, what characterizes your classes?

– I do not use an intermediate language.

Are you a strict teacher?

If there are adults in front of you, it is simply inappropriate to be strict. But if there are students of 17-20 years old, you should prevail. And in each situation I am different.

Is it possible for a foreigner to learn the Russian language thoroughly?

It is possible only if he or she lives in the country, comes to understand its tradition, culture and mentality. After all, it takes years to perceive spoken and literature language. But the most important thing, in my opinion, is a wish. If one has it, there are no barriers in studying Russian.

Please, describe your perfect day.

– My perfect day always depends on the situation. If I am really tired, I just want to relax. If I have a wish to work it is ideal for me to make everything within a day. On the weekends I visit with my family different places of interests.

Do you have any dreams?

– I would like to work in another country.



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