Popular social networks in Russia where you can communicate with Russians

Popular social networks

All over the world, people use many different social networks to communicate with each other. Russia has its own social networks, developed right here, which are popular not only within the country but also abroad. So if you want to develop your conversational skills through social networking, feel free to sign up and make new friends.

“ВКонтакте” / VKontakte


VKontakte is by far the most popular social network in Russia, with more than 100 million monthly active users. Like many other social networks, each user has a profile and can easily search and add other users to follow their status updates, photos and videos.

Along with these traditional features, users can also upload video and audio files and share them with other users. You can also upload stores, shoot and post various clips, write expert articles, sell products and offer services. VKontakte has about 13 thousand active mini-applications available in the official app. With their help, users can not only use the entertainment resources, but also, for example, order food without leaving VK.

In addition, course, a great deal of attention is paid to the ability to communicate. In the messenger in VKontakte, you can communicate with your friends, with strangers if their privacy settings allow it, you can create a conversation for several people at once. You can also practice your conversational skills by commenting on posts in groups and on another person’s wall.

“Одноклассники” / Odnoklassniki


Founded in 2006 as a network of former school friends, OK (also “Одноклассники”, meaning classmates) has since grown into a major platform. Brands, celebrities and bloggers now use the network to share content. Videos are particularly popular, with over 870 million views a day.

Like VKontakte, OK allows you to create a profile, search for friends and share status updates and images. Banks, online retailers, food and drink manufacturers and mobile phone operators own the largest public groups in OK. Companies can launch their own applications on the network to make it easier to interact with users. For example, it becomes possible to book or sell goods or tickets. Another function allows for the creation of surveys and feedback.

When learning Russian and looking for a platform for communication, pay attention to Одноклассники. It has a large number of subscribers with different interests and thematic groups. You can both communicate through private messages and comment on group posts. 

“Телеграм” / Telegram


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. It was developed in 2013 by the same developers who created the VKontakte platform. According to its own data, Telegram is one of the most used social networks in 20 countries.

Telegram’s system includes millions of public group chats, which can involve up to 30,000 people. Telegram channels allow you to create blog a kind, which can be private or public. Public channels generate more than 30 billion visits each month by 80 million users.

It is the communication that matters here, photos, videos and other features take a secondary position. Therefore, if your aim is to improve your communication skills in Russian, Telegram is the right choice.

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Other platforms with the ability to communicate

VK, OK and Telegram are the most popular social networks for communicating in Russian, and their original function was precisely to connect people to communicate. In addition, there are many other platforms whose main purpose is slightly different, but you can communicate there and train your speaking skills with their help, too.

1. «Дзен» / Zen


Here you will find many interesting articles on various topics. Below the posts, you can communicate by commenting on them. “Дзен” only displays articles that have been verified by a recommendation and popularity algorithm. The platform filters outposts that contain profanity, insults to individuals, as well as advertisements for gambling, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

2. Rutube


It is an alternative to foreign YouTube. The platform focuses on sharing video content different types. It hosts user-generated downloads and licensed content, so anyone interested in learning a language can benefit from this valuable resource.

3. YouTube


YouTube itself never loses its popularity. On this platform, you can find all kinds of videos in Russian – movies, educational videos, documentaries, TV shows, and serials – and you can discuss them with other users in Russian.

Choose your favorite social network, find interesting topics and communicate with like-minded people in Russian. It’s the fastest ways one to get immersed in the language.

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