When you have got a distance consultation, you make a final decision on the participation in the program. After registration you need to pay a registration fee – $50.

The money is transferred to the account of the educational center “Leader” before arrival. It covers organizational expenses of the center and non-refundable.

When you plan your study keep in mind the time you need for gettting the visa.

To receive an inviattion to the course, the applicant is to register on our site, pay non-refundable fee and send a copy of the national passport at the following email address: minsk@lider.by.
These expenses also cost $ 50, that are transfered to the centre account. Within 14 days we will send you the scnanned copy of the invitation and if required the original of the invitation to get entry visa

Registration fee is not paid:
-if you choose online study;
-for foreign citizens who live permanently in Belarus.

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