Russian cursive

Learning Russian cursive is not a required part but sometimes it can be helpful. For example, you can read any letter in Russian or write it yourself. In addition, in Russia, it is customary to use cursive not  block letters. Finally, this is another side of the language that you are learning and an interesting experience. So, we are going to tell you what Russian cursive is and how to write it.

All letters of the Russian alphabet in cursive

We will assume that you have already learned the Russian alphabet, so you can proceed to the next stage — learn handwritten letters.

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Why is Russian cursive so difficult?

After foreigners manage to cope with the Russian alphabet as a whole, they think that nothing will be more difficult. But then they face with handwriting. You can often hear them say: “Russian cursive makes me cry”. Why does cursive seem so complicated?

  1. Some cursive letters are completely different from their printed “brothers”: “т” and “m”.
  2. Some letters look like a series of lines that resemble the written “и”. This applies, for example, to the letters “м”, “ш”, “щ”.
  3. When combined, some letters may look identical and are generally difficult to recognize.

For example, in this photo, there are five different words: слышишь, шиншилла, дышишь, лилии и лишишься, but even Russians can find it difficult to understand what is a penscript

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Tips on how to learn to write in Russian cursive

If you nevertheless decide to master Russian handwriting, you have to work hard. Take about a month and start training. We offer a plan that will help you to achieve your goal.

  1. Take the first week to study handwritten letters. Write each letter twice daily, referring to the sample.

2. In the second week, if you are sure that you have learned all the letters in writing, move on. Write down all the letters twice daily but from memory. Check with the sample after each time. The second task is to read a small handwritten text for 20 minutes a day.

3. Begin to connect letters and rewrite the text that you read in the previous week.

4. Devote the last week of the month to independent work. Write a few sentences about yourself: who you are, where you are from, what do you do, what are your hobbies. Write this text down daily for the rest of the week.

You will be able to implement this method if certain conditions are met. You should know the Russian alphabet well and you should know Rusian not lower than A2 so that you can communicate in everyday life and read simple texts.

You can reach level A2 in a relatively short period by enrolling in the School of Russian Language “Leader”. Choose a convenient learning option: in groups or individually, online or at school, and go ahead with mastering Russian as soon as possible.

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