Russian Slang

Russian Slang

The language is living, it is constantly changing, adjusting to modern realities. One of the most striking examples of its change is slang. You may not like it, it may cause bewilderment but you cannot deny it. If you want to better understand the person you are talking to and hold a conversation in different situations, you should learn Russian slang.

The teen slang

Distinctive language incomprehensible to others is one of the hallmarks of a youth subculture. It is often difficult to draw a clear line between age groups, and language is a clearer point. Most often, these are loanwords from English: “мёрч” (merch), “хайп” (hype), “стримить” (stream). But there are words that are unusual and unfamiliar to foreigners: “агриться”,” лойс”, “ЧСВ”.

Note: do not try to use these slang words far and wide as there is a risk of looking like a funny boomer or millennial. However, it will be useful to know these words and use them occasionally.



Usage example

Агриться [̀agrit’sya]

Get angry, be aggressive

Хватит агриться, я не хотел тебя обидеть!

Stop being angry, I didn’t mean to offend you!

Вписка [vp̀iska]

Party or apartment where the party is going

В выходные у Ани будет вписка. Придешь?

Ann will have a party this weekend. Will you come?

Всратый [vsr̀atyj]

Ugly, weird. If about a person — often ridiculous, funny, but not repulsive

Какой-то всратый рисунок получился, надо переделать.

It’s a weird drawing. I should draw it again.

Движ [dvizh]

Party, any activity

После концерта идем на движ.

After the concert, there is commotion

Зашквар [zashkv̀ar]

Shame, misbehavior

Кричать посреди улицы — это зашквар.

Shouting in the street is lame.

Краш [krash]

A person whom you like, an object of adoration, unrequited love

Мой новый краш — Билли Айлиш.

My new crush is Billie Eilish.

Лойс [loys]

Like, “like” button in social networks

Если вам понравился мой новый пост, жду лойсы.

If you liked my new post, I’m waiting for your likes.

ЧС, кинуть в ЧС [che es, k̀inut’ a che es]

Blacklist, add to blacklist

За такое поведение он отправился в ЧС.

For this behavior, he went to the blacklist.

ЧСВ [che es ve]

High self-esteem, ego

Ничего из себя не представляет, а ЧСВ раздуто.

He is a real nothing but his ego is inflated

Шмот [shmot]


Зацените шмот, что я получил.

Look at all this swag I got

Slang for bloggers

Each professional environment has its own slang. One of the most widespread communities in the modern world is bloggers since among them there are people from different professions, age groups. Moreover, bloggers can have millions of subscribers. The number of social networks is also great, so this language spreads quickly and is used by a wide range of people.

Most of the words came to the Russian language from English, their meaning is universal, so we offer you just a dictionary. Remember, that in Russian, these words may sound slightly different.

  • гайд, туториал [gayd, tut̀orial] — guide, tutorial;
  • анбоксинг / анпакинг [anboksing, anp̀eking] — unbox, unpack (unpack, used when bloggers shoot a video, unpack new goods and talk about it);
  • челлендж [ch̀elindzh] — challenge (for example, a video like “I dare you!”, and other bloggers usually join);
  • пранк [prank] — prank (trick, joke, often cruel, offensive);
  • оффтоп [aft̀op] — off top;
  • ИМХО [imho] — IMHO (In my humble opinion);
  • апнуть [apnut’] —  upgrade;
  • ачивка [ach̀ifka] — achievements;
  • стримить [str̀imit’] — streaming (showing live video);
  • хайп [hayp] — hype.

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Popular conversational phrases for everyday communication

The following slang expressions do not belong to any particular group – you can hear them almost from anyone.



Usage example

Хрен знает / ХЗ [hren znayet / heze]

Absolutely nothing is known about anyone, about anything

Когда ты закончишь ремонт? — А хрен его знает.

When will you finish the renovation? – And the hell knows.

Офигеть [afig̀et’]

Expresses strong surprise

Вот это машина! Офигеть!

That’s a great car! Cool!

Достал / Достала [dast̀al / dast̀ala]

Tired, was extremely annoying

Ты достал! Я хочу побыть один!

You make me sick! I want to be alone!

Жесть [zhest’]

Expresses strong evaluative emotion, both positive and negative

Это была жесть! Как вам удалось выбраться оттуда?

It was tough! How did you get out of there?

Отвали [atval̀i]

Leave me alone (rudely)

Отвали! Я не хочу иметь с тобой никаких дел!

Fuck off! I don’t want to have anything to do with you!

Я ору [ya aru]

Expresses an extremely emotional reaction to something, most often to something that makes you laugh

Она опять надела желтую юбку с красной кофтой! Я ору!

She put on a yellow skirt with a red jacket again! I’m crying!

Инфа — сотка [infas̀otka]

100% verified information

Билеты на концерт начнут продавать завтра, инфа — сотка.

Tickets for the concert will start selling tomorrow, it’s 100%.

Жиза [zh̀iza]

Life situation, the truth of life

Я думал, работать будет легче, чем учиться. А оказалось, наоборот. — Это жиза!

I thought it would be easier to work than to learn. But it turned out to be the opposite. — This is life!

Before you start using Russian slang, listen to, and more than once, how others use it. Then you will not be so at the risk of getting into an embarrassing situation.

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