As a result of studying russian as a foreign language the ability of students to communicate with both native russian speakers and foreigners who learn russian is one of priorities in the School of Russian as a Foreign Language Leader. There are several ways to maintain and develop these abilities. For this purpose at the Leader we have a tradition of holding cross-cultural meetings for those who learn Russian and native russian speakers from the school of English EnglishPapa.

During such meetings, those who study russian as a foreign language at the Leader are to talk in russian with the representatives of other countries and nationalities, to remove language barriers and self-assess their own level of language. Thus our students have a good opportunity not only to practice russian but also to discover new countries and traditions.

Such meetings are often held in the form of participants’ presentations on given topics about their countries’ culture and live communication over a cup of tea. One of the meetings was held recently at the school of russian as a foreign language Leader in Minsk. There were representatives from the US and Canada, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey, and of course the russian native speakers from the school  EnglishPapa. Participants talked about their national traditions and customs, tasted some national food, shared impressions about their studies. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere. Each participant had a lot of new friends and memories.




Everyone is welcome to our school of russian as a foreign language Leader and to take part in such meetings!

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