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Russian language leader in social media

The School of Russian language Leader is well known to many who have studied or continue to study Russian. Offline and online courses, divided by language levels, convenient classes schedule, professional teachers, individual approach – this is just a glance of the possibilities that Leader offers. And now it has become easier to follow the news and announcements of various courses of the Leader school thanks to our groups in social networks!



If you are an active user of the VKontakte social platform, you can become a member of our community. There we regularly publish useful information for everyone who studies Russian. In the community discussions you can ask the school managers any questions, pre-register for courses and read the reviews of our graduates. And if you turn on notifications, you will nevet miss the start of a new course that suits you!



If you prefer Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, you can become a subscriber to the official page of the Leader school to never miss our interesting posts about learning Russian. And in these social networks we publish video reviews from our students who have successfully mastered the Russian language. Reviews on the social network are as honest as possible, because you can always personally ask the user about their impressions on the Leader courses using the built-in messenger.




For older Internet users, we can recommend the Leader school page on the Одноклассники (Odnoklassniki) social network, where we talk about the various rules of the Russian language and interesting linguistic features in an accessible manner. There you can also ask any question about our Russian courses. People of all ages study here: from schoolchildren to pensioners. Everyone needs Russian!


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Since there are many children and teenagers studying at the Russian language school, Leader has opened an account in the youngest social network TikTok. And today, in the format of short videos, you can learn more about Russian courses and about the language itself, and the sense of humor of the leading account managers of the school will not leave you indifferent.




You can easily acces our school’s life by joining our Instagram! These are not only photo reports about our classes, master classes and extracurricular activities, but also useful information about the rules of the Russian language in pictures.




Twitter – a social network with the most concise way of presenting information. And it also has the official account of our school. Subscribe to it and receive short messages about various interesting features of the Russian language every day. Most often we limit ourselves to one sentence and a picture – as concise and informative as possible for those who value their time, but dream of improving the level of the Russian language.




If you are better at perceiving information visually, you can become a subscriber to the Leader channel on YouTube. In our channel you can find:

  • Interviews with students, teachers and founders of the Leader School;
  • Reviews from students of the Russian language courses;
  • Educational videos from our teachers;
  • Media videos about the Leader School;
  • Video tours of our classrooms;
  • Video messages from our teachers;
  • Video reports from extracurricular activities of our school.


Follow us on our social and promptly receive unique information about courses, promotions, discounts and news of the Russian language School Leader. Become our subscriber on your favourite platform, so that you can get the most interesting posts about the Russian language on your feed! We all spend a lot of time on social media, so how about we use some of that time to learn something new? Learn Russian with Leader!

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