Communicative method

On the Russian courses we use the communicative method of study. During the process of commiunication between teachers and students the real situations are modelled and you have the possibility to train unprepared speech.

New topics  in the communicative method is divided into the following stages. 1) Introduction  of new topics by listening  comprehension imitation. 2)Explanation of these functions in a context, learning the new phrases. 3) The usage of learned material in the typical situations. 4) the usage in new situations.

Traditions of Russian school

The leaders in Russian language teaching are philologists of Moscow State University and People’s Friendship University of Russia. While creating our own programme we orientate on the experience of these establishments.
So we recommend the manuals and textbooks of Russian authors, although for some topics we can also use the textbooks of our native authors.

The study in a group and individually

More students of our school choose the group study with 5-10 people. It’s important to modell the communication in different situations for the group to hear the different variants of the same phrases.

There are also the advantages of the individual study, when your only partner is a native teacher who can pay attention to the individual requirements, such as professional lexical units, grammar drills that are most difficult.

Language levels

The level is determined in accordance with the document “Common European framework of reference for languages: Learning, teaching, assessment”, developed by the specialists on the issues of language policy of the Council of Europe. We offer all group levels. If you study hard during the lessons you can master the level for 3 months.

The test for the level is designed for our guests and foreigners who come for short-term courses. In our centre each student has to pass Russian Test in order to identify the accurate language level, which helps to put a student into the right group. In case when student wants to take individual classes, the results of Test will allow the teacher to create a special program, which can help to adapt to the learning process quickly.


We teach in a natural way and you learn through speaking, this is called the Communicative
Method which is how most of our courses are structured. You will work in small groups, in pairs or individually. You can practice your Russian pronunciation, intonation and accent in a natural environment. Most classes focus on fluency, giving you a practical understanding of the language and how to use it. You will use the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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