Beautiful in Russian

Beautiful in Russian

In this article we would like to show you the meaning of the word “beautiful” in Russian. You will discover how it is pronounced, what it means, and how you use it in your speech.

What does the world “beautiful” mean in Russian

The main meaning is красивый [крас’`ивый’] or прекрасный [пр’икр`асный’]. All the other possible translations of this word are synonyms.

Keep in mind that in the dictionary most adjectives are in masculine.

Possible meanings of the word “beautiful”:


– Прекрасный, красивый:

  • красивая женщина — beautiful woman;
  • красивый мужчина — handsome, beautiful man (обратите внимание, что сейчас вариант beautiful все чаще становится допустимым вариантом при описании мужчины);
  • прекрасный день — beautiful day;
  • красивый вид — beautiful view;
  • красивое платье — beautiful dress;
  • прекрасная погода — beautiful weather.

As we can see, the word “beautiful” in Russian can be used to describe the appearance of a person or an object. But we can’t use it to describe weather, since weather is not an object, but a phenomenon. In this case we better use the word “прекрасный”.


– Великолепный, превосходный, приятный:

  • превосходный обед — beautiful dinner;
  • приятная прогулка — beautiful walk;
  • великолепный праздник — beautiful holiday.



– Прекрасное:

  • тяга к прекрасному — craving for beauty.

– Красотка, красавица (colloquial variant)

  • Она красавица. — She is a beauty.



Прекрасно! Потрясающе! Отлично!:

  • Как это звучит? — Прекрасно. — How does this sound? — Beautiful!


Grammatical features

You may have noticed that the word ending for “красивый” and “прекрасный” varies depending on the gender of the object or the person we are describing. All nouns in Russian have a designated gender which determines the adjective that will be used with it. Those are masculine (красивый диван / beautiful sofa), feminine (красивая подушка / beautiful pillow) and neuter (красивое одеяло / beautiful blanket).

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Curious expressions with the word “beautiful”

Remember that you can’t always translate word to word. Most of the time you have to rely on the context of the situation, use stable expressions, keep in mind the cultural features, and look for hidden meanings. We suggest you learn a couple of expressions that use the word “beautiful”, including those whose translation is not obvious at first glance.

  • A Beautiful Mind — «Игры разума» (фильм);
  • beautiful writing — каллиграфия (логично: красиво письмо);
  • Beautiful Doors — Царские врата (в православной церкви, расположены в нижнем ряду иконостаса);
  • the beautiful — красивые люди (собирательно);
  • beautiful combination — эффектная комбинация (например, в шахматах).

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