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Russian Language School “Leader” invites those who want to learn the language from scratch to a high level to live Russian language courses online. The school offers individual classes or classes in pairs. The training is organized in the format of a videoconference with a teacher. All teachers of the Russian language of the Leader school are native speakers, have higher education, accreditation and work experience. Thanks to them, you will be able to easily speak Russian in real life situations.

How the “Leader” helps to learn Russian:

  • we will choose a course that meets the goals and the initial level of the language;

  • we will make a schedule according to your wishes;

  • we will make a training program for your capabilities;

  • we will select a teacher with whom we will be comfortable and interesting.

Our awards

Ranked top educational courses in Belarus for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

The Educational Center "Leader" has been officially awarded with the №1 Educational Courses Title in Belarus according to the "Choice of the Year" awards.

School of Russian Leader at the ICEF Workshop in Berlin

The School of Russian Leader has always had the tradition of taking part in the ICEF Workshop in Berlin. Every year thousands of educational profesionals meet in Berlin.

People's Brand award for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

From 2015 to 2020 the Educational Center "Leader" has been awarded with the People's Brand Title in Belarus. This honorary title is decided on the basis of consumer preferences.

Leading Course at the TORFL Exam Center

The TORFL Exam was created with the aim of standardising the teaching system for foreign citizens in Russia and the inclusion of Russia in the unified educational sphere of Europe.

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Russian Language
Learning Online with us why?

The online course is the flexible equivalent of an accredited university course offered at our school.
All our teachers are professionals with extensive and successful experience.

We can help you:

  •  choose a course that suits YOUR expectations and goals
  • calculate the required frequency and intensity of classes (in particular the number of training hours per week)
  • find training material which is suitable for you
    to get the required level in the shortest time possible to prepare for exams
  • reach your goals: whether it is spoken Russian for everyday life, for a forthcoming trip to Russia, Russian as the language of your profession, business Russian, etc.

Learning process

Learn Russian online from wherever you want! All you need is your computer or other internet-enabled device. We offer pair and individual classes to suit all learning styles.

Choose the best learning style for you!

Learn Russian Online

Private lessons

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How long do I study Russian?

80 hours and you will be able to speak Russian.

GENERAL COURSE (in group) 4 academic hour* 5 days a week




academic hours*  (2 months)

0 > A1




academic hours*  (3 months)

A1 > A2




academic hours*  (2 months)

A2 > B1


Upper- intermediate


academic hours*  (2 months)

B1 > B2




academic hours*  (2 months)

B2- > C1




academic hours*  (2 months)

C1 > C2

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We tried our best to answer the most frequently asked questions


Before the lesson you will receive a link to join the virtual classroom where the lessons will take place.

During this first lesson we will:

  •  set clear goals that will inspire you to study
  • determine your level of Russian
  • choose a teacher for your lessons
  • discuss the posibilities of a virtual classroom

If you have studied Russian before, part of the dialogue will be held in Russian. Do not hesitate if you think you have trouble speaking, the dialogue will be directed by the methodologist. This is not an exam!

The trial lesson is conducted by methodologists who specialize in introducing students to the school.They all know Russian well, have a pedagogical education, and have specially studied the work style of each of the school’s teachers.

Therefore, any of the methodologists can do several important things:

  • determine exactly from what level the student should continue his studies
  • show how the virtual classroom works
  • сhoose a teacher who is suitable for the student.

It’s not just about the level of knowledge, but also about the style of conducting classes and even the pace of communication.

Treat it as a full-fledged lesson:

  • Spare the lesson 45 minutes of your time, and put your other things aside.
  • Plan beforehand some questions that you would like to ask our methodologist.
  • Think about your learning goals, so that you can discuss them with your methodologist and make a realistic studying program.
  • Join the lesson via computer or laptop with a camera, not via your smartphone.

This way you will get some benefits from this trial lesson even if you won’t continue studying with us.

Not many schools besides Leader can offer these 3 opportunities simultaneously:

1. We work with certified teachers. Our teachers are sociable and are able to engage into dialogue even the most shy students.

2. In addition to studying, we offer our students free meetings in conversation clubs. Often native speakers take part in those clubs.

3. Our school cooperates with international networks of Russian schools, adopting their teaching methods.

Results are noticeable when both the teacher and the student do a good job. The quality of our teacher’s ways of theaching is verified, while the results you will see for yourself. At the end of every semester you will undergo a test to discover how much you have improved. You check the improvement of communication skills at the meetings of our talking clubs, communicating with people from different countries. If it is uncomfortable to study with a particular teacher, it will be possible to change it.

This is a controversial question, and it depends on various factors. What are your goals on learning Russian? What level do you aspire to achieve? There are 6 levels in total: after mastering A1 you will be able to express yourself using some pre-learned phrases and expressions, after completing C2 you will be able to speak at a native’s level. If you need Russian for your work, usually B2-C1 is enough. It will take a year to master around 2 to 3 levels. Depending on the intensity, if you take individual lessons you can achieve B2 in about a year.

Of course you will. Even in your 50s and 60s. We have students around these ages, and it doesn’t mean they learn slower than the others.

We recommend taking individual lessons.

In both cases, the teacher works with you, individualizing the learning process as much as possible. But you get a number of advantages by working with us:
– We verified in advance the qualifications of each of our specialists and we help improve it
– During the trial lesson, we try to make an ” ideal pair” of teacher and student, ensuring that the teacher will be fitting according to the style of teaching, age, pace of speech and other important features for the student
– We make a schedule and monitor it: there will be no sudden postponements
– We are able to temporarily or permanently replace your teacher with a teacher of the same or higher qualification (for example, a native speaker)

You can reschedule your lessons if there is a solid reason for that. You just should warn your teacher in advance. The schedule itself is standard: 2-3 times a week. You get to agree on the schedule with your teacher. For those students who have an unstable schedule we choose teachers that are willing to accomodate

For you to achieve noticeable results we recommend you to take at least two 50 minute lessons a week. But we do have students that only take a one hour lesson a week. The effectiveness of their studies is on their consciousness.

Individual classes can be postponed if there is a good reason for it, but you must notify your teacher beforehand.


Of course! We understand that the effectiveness of studying depends very much on the correspondence of the work styles of the teacher and his students, and we would like to help you find the most suitable teacher. The only thing we do not encourage is replacing your teacher without a reason. You can change the teacher during individual lessons, or move to another group, but we would really appreciate if you could explain us the reason behind it.