Is it possible to learn Russian Online?

learn Russian Online

If you have ever heard the Russian sound, you may have experienced mixed emotions. Some people find it funny, others find it melodic or, on the contrary, rude. Nevertheless, it is the 8th most popular language in the world, and you will find native speakers not only in Russia or Belarus, but also in Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and even Israel.

Why learn Russian at all?

Course, for those planning to come to a Russian-speaking country only for the tourism purpose, it is not necessary to spend years learning the Russian pronunciation and case subtleties.

A significant goal for language learning is often:

  •         To go to university. Quality higher education, but at the same time sufficiently inexpensive, is not available to all countries residents. That is why many choose Russian-speaking universities for their diplomas. They provide an excellent base for working in any field and allow you to learn from the best professors in physics, chemistry, engineering and creative specialities. 
  •         Work in a prestigious company. If you want to expand your business, find new clients and business partners, or get a new job, for example, you can’t do without business Russian, either. In addition, you’ll learn other Eastern Slavonic languages like Belarusian and Ukrainian much faster;
  •         Personal interests: communicating with Russian-speaking friends, getting to know their culture and mentality, reading the Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and other Russian classics works in the original.

Which format to choose – online or offline?

You can try to find a language school or a Russian tutor in your country. However, the probability that you will find a native speaker who understands all the pronunciation and modern Russian grammar subtleties is very low.

The second option for offline learning is coming to a Russian-speaking country. This will help you to immerse yourself in the language environment straight away. In addition, if you also stay with the local host families’ one, you will immediately start to learn, memorise and apply new vocabulary and semantic constructions. Nevertheless, this option will seem expensive to many people. You will have to pay not only for tuition but also for the visa, flight and accommodation in the chosen country.

The best choice in such a case is online Russian language courses. They allow you to save time and money, while at the same time being classic classroom lessons.

However, here again, you are faced with a choice, because there are courses thousands on the internet vast expanse. Them some give you a basis for simple conversations in the language you’re learning, others might promise to teach you Russian in a month. We don’t want to disappoint you but it’s impossible.

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So when choosing the right school to learn Russian, you should pay attention to 5 criteria:

 the reality of the promises: it is impossible to learn the language completely in a month, but to master the basic level in 3 months is quite realistic;

  •         the ability to communicate freely: training should be in a video conference format where you communicate with the teacher in real time, not just watching the lesson a video recording;
  •         teachers should always be native speakers with a linguistic or pedagogical background and speak English in order to facilitate communication at the course beginning;
  •         student feedback: on the some online schools website there is a section with video testimonials from learners, so it is easier to verify their reality and not think that positive comments are just tweaked.

An excellent and proven option in this case can be Russian an online courses as the foreign language school Leader. Our teachers have already helped students thousands from all over the world to learn to speak Russian fluently, overcome communication fears and confidently understand native speakers’ fluent speech.

The Leader team professionalism in the online education field is confirmed by numerous achievements, including:

  1.   Interactive teaching methods. Information is perceived much better, when a picture or video is added to a verbal explanation. Each lesson is accompanied by training presentations that visualise all the rules, lexical constructions, allow the student to actively participate in the lesson and quickly memorise the new material.
  2.   Digitized Textbooks. No textbooks have to be ordered from the Internet. All books are provided in electronic format, so you can download them to your smartphone and repeat the topic at any time.
  3.   Online exercises. Forget about notebooks and pens – you can do all your homework on your computer and send it in for review straight away.
  4.   Interactive tests and quizzes. The language learning process constant monitoring, which allows you to reveal gaps in your knowledge and correct them on time.

In addition, after completing homework, you’ll receive feedback from your teacher. You will be told about the work strengths, what mistakes were made, as well as give advice on how to avoid them in the future.

If you notice that you have not grasped a topic, the teacher will explain it again, illustrating it with new examples and tasks. The Leader Russian as a Foreign Language School main aim is to teach students to easily understand Russian-speaking interlocutors, confidently hold conversations with native speakers, formulate their thoughts correctly and quickly, learn the main grammar and written speech lexical aspects and help them to achieve their goals.

You can learn Russian online if you entrust your learning process every step to the Leader Russian as a Foreign Language School experienced teachers. That way you are your knowledge sure and can easily apply it in real life.

We hope you found this article useful. We are ready to help you learn Russian online with a native speaker. Classes are individually adapted to your wishes. Submit an application for a free trial lesson and we will find the most suitable Russian language course for you.

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