For those who are just starting to learn Russian we have prepared a dozen of interesting facts. After learning these features of the “great and mighty”, you will want to learn this difficult but beautiful language.

1.       Unbelievable, but it is impossible to “win”(победить) alone. Don’t you believe? Try to say “я победю“ (I will win). Wrong! “Побежду”? Also wrong! Only together we can win.

2.       In ancient times, until XIV century, there were no uncultured and offensive words, as an unmentioned word was called “a ridiculous verb”.

3.       The Russian language can boast of the only monosyllabic adjective, it is “злой” (evil).

4.       Such words as ”железо” (iron), „пузо” (belly) are the only words which end in –зо.

5.       Could you imagine that Russian is compulsory for studying by astronauts who intend to visit International space station?

6.        Russian alphabet is a little bit strange. To whose mind did it come to insert in the alphabet two letters that has no sounds? Foreigners, scratch your heads over it when studying. Try to pronounce our unusual «Ъ» and «Ь».

7.       We like foreign clothes. How else could we explain the fact that the words “кофта” (jacket) and ”сарафан” (sundress) are borrowed words.

8.       Would you like to break down your tongue? Try to say the words “субстанциализироваться” (to become substantial) and “переосвидетельствоваться” (to reinspect yourself). They are the most long verbs in the Russian language. Is it easy to pronounce? Congratulations, a pronunciation test is partially completed.

9.       Many people like the phrase “вверх тормашками” (heels over head). But it is impossible to stay head over heels (вниз тормашками).  Amazing heels (тормашки) are striving for tops.

10.   We will not shy away from the topic of Russian tongue twisters, the most sophisticated in the world. What else can be added when the Russians themselves can hardly pronounce them, for example «да не чисто рапортовал, да не дорапортовал дорапортовывал да так зарапортовался». After all, it is a  qualification, isn’t it?


Those who want to learn more details we invite at Russian as foreign language courses at the educational center “Leader”.

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