On the 3rd of Decenber the  Educational Center Leader including the School of Russian as a Foreign Language Leader, was awarded with the People’s Brand Title in Belarus. The honorary title of People’s Brand Award is the third title which is decided on the basis of consumer preferences studies. Previously the Leader Educational Center became the winner in the Educational Courses Category at the International festival Choice of the Year as well as won the prize of consumer recognition of the People’s Brand Award in 2015. This means that the Educational Center Leader has already been confirmed as Educational Courses #1 in Belarus by consumers for three times.

‘For us this is the third time we are awarded on the basis of consumer choice. This is a sign that we are moving in the right direction. First of all, we rely on the involvement and motivation of teachers. So we are working to ensure that students receive a high-quality and relevant knowledge. Continuous System Teaching Quality Assessment has significant results. Today we are proud that the majority of teachers are assessed by their students with 5 out of 5 points. As a result we see the choice of consumers in favor of the Leader Center and such awards as the People’s Brand and Choice of the Year. We are grateful to our students, graduates and those who voted for us’.

Sergey Sulimov,
the founder of the Educational Center Leader


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