Last week an international conference ICEF Workshops took place in Berlin. At the conference the Leader Educational Center’s founder Sergey Sulimov represented the center as well as the EnglishPapa school of English and the Leader School of Russian as a Foreign Language.

Every year more than 1 000 educational agents and industry professionals from more than 100 countries attend the ICEF Berlin Workshops. This year at the forum Sergey Sulimov held more than 25 meetings with international educational institutions’ representatives, and took part in a FAM trip to attend languages schools and locations of the CARL DUISBERG CENTREN in Berlin, Cologne and Munich.


The Leader Educational Center‘s founder Sergey Sulimov:

«Even the fact of our participation in such a conference is a great incentive for us because of its professional educational market players’ only admittance policy; this is kind of an indicator of our professional level. Besides handling meetings and making several agreements, for me, one of major goals was to explore educational processes’ organization at international educational centers, such as the international CARL DUISBERG CENTER that we attended. Now we have the knowledge of where to aim, how to improve our technologies and offer educational services of better quality».

Additional Info

Carl Duisberg Centren is a leading service enterprise in the area of international training and qualification. Each year, we provide knowledge of foreign languages and intercultural competence, experience abroad and international expertise to several thousand people from all over the world. In addition, we also manage cross-border educational projects for the business community and public institutions.

The ICEF Berlin Workshops is held by the ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs). Since 1991 the ICEF brings together international educators, industry service providers and carefully screened student recruitment agents at networking events around the world, helping them to create strategic partnerships and increase international student enrolments.

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