Have you ever thought about what distinguishes one state from another? A lot of options come immediately to the mind. What if it is a unique tradition, or local food, or national costumes, or perhaps even dances? However, the most important sign and icon of the state that distinguishes it from all the others is certainly flag. The diversity and the uniqueness of flags is truly amazing. There are a lot of intricate patterns and colors, such as lines, stripes, circles, and many other signs.

But, of ‘course, we will talk about one of the most recognizable combinations – unique tricolor. Pure white, blue and bright red colors – they always form an association with a great state Russia!

For more than 20 years, since 1994, on August, 22 Russia celebrates a wonderful festival event – the National Flag Day.

Going far back in history, it can be noted that Russian flag has a long, lasting for more than 300 years history. The Russian flag firstly appeared on the boat named “Saint Peter” in 1693. The bright canvas with a double-headed eagle was related to Alexei Mikhailovich, the Father of Peter the Great.

The flag has come down to us and everyone can admire it in the Central Naval Museum of the Ministry of Defense. 

Later the colors of the flag were changed not once. For example, in the years 1858-1883 the flag was of black, yellow and white colors. During the Soviet Union period the national symbol was of bright red color with a hammer, a sickle and a star pictured on it. The favorite and recognizable white-blue-red flag has been returned only in 1991.

There are a lot of assumptions and interpretations of what the colors of the Russian flag means. It can be said with confidence that the white color speaks of peace, purity and dignity. The blue color symbolizes fidelity, virtue and honor. The flaming red speaks of the courage, bravery and love.

The most important thing is that the purpose of such a holiday is to tell the residents about the history of the National Flag, about the importance and significance of the state symbol so that every citizen can be proud to be the citizen of such a great state.


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