“Stop! That’s a wrap!” 5 films for those who study Russian

The Russian language is great! As you know, the studying of Russian is not an easy task. And sometimes you have to put a lot of efforts in order to achieve the desired results. We will gladly recommend you some movies that will help you in studying Russian and will bring it to perfection.

So, loved by many “Office romance”Служебныйроман») is perfect for those who studying Russian. The irony, plot, intrigue, humor, phraseological units suit perfectly for learning!

What about ‘The Caucasian captive or new adventures of Shuric” (“КавказскаяпленницаилиновыеприключенияШурика»)? Studying and humor are quite compatible, it is tested!

A wonderful film named “The dawns here are quite”Азориздесьтихие») will help to understand the Russian language better and tell more about the personality of our residents, will show their courage and bravery, love and the drama of human life.

And finally we want to advise you to watch “Morozko”Морозко») and a wonderful comedy “Striped cruise”Полосатыйрейс»). Thanks to these movies you can not just learn the language, but do it with great interest, pleasure and humor.

By the way, did you know that Russia annually celebrates a holiday – the Day of Russian cinema? On August 27, all those who consider themselves to be related to cinema and also not indifferent spectators celebrate this holiday.

Not that long ago, on October 1, 1980 it was decided to set up a holiday of the Russian Cinema. Originally the day was called "The Day of the Soviet Cinema".  Later, on November 1, 1988, the festival received the name " The Day of Cinema".

And only on May 31,2006, both names lost their force, and a new name was given to the holiday "the Day of Russian Cinema".

Thomas Edison who invented the photo film thanks to which it was initially created so-called illusion of moving images can be called the founder of cinema. A little bit later William Dickonson began to develop filmmaking thanks to kinetoscope. This appliance allowed to watch the footage at a rapid pace and a movie was demonstrated as slightly noticeable abrupt movements. A handle was used in order to watch a movie using a camera.

As the film industry was developing rapidly, the speed of the film run increased.

In the distant 1908 Russia for the first time saw a short movie with a total length of 7 minutes. A movie “Local self-wild person”("Понизоваявольница”) directed by Vladimir Romashkov enjoyed great popularity.


The first full-length film was presented in 1925. The film was called “Battleship Potemkin” (“БроненосецПотемкин”). Today more than 40 studios work for Russian cinema.