What to do in the heat, you ask? Different people have different answers for this question. Some people swim, some stay inside and some think that the best option is eating strawberries. Some people associate this berry with a pretty girl and others even think of liquor. Is it true that strawberry can be not only of red, but also white, black, blue color? Have you ever heard of such concept as “strawberry generation?”


The answers to these questions were found on June 15th by students of School of Russian as a foreign language Leader and students of School of English language EnglishPapa, who took part in an event dedicated to strawberry. Firstly, a strawberry quiz was held. Then the students played checkers in two teams of red and white. For the record, the latter lost two times.

At the end of the event the Strawberry Prince and Princess were to be chosen. Manuel, a student from Spain, was honoured the title of the Prince and Kseniya from Belarus became the Princess. A strawberry tree and crown were given as the present.


It is interesting to note, that Belarusian students had a conversation in English, and Russian language school students spoke only Russian, and that contributed to a good practice of both languages and intercultural communication.   

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