Today Russia and Belarus are the only countries where Russian is the state language. In both countries people actively communicate in Russian in life and in office-work. Why is it better to learn Russian there?

1 – The Language Environment

It is better to study English in Great Britain or the USA, it is better to study Spanish in Spain or in Latin and Central America, it is better to study French in France. And it is better to study Russian in Russia or Belarus. In these countries it is necessary to talk in Russian, thus training goes much quicker.

2 – Russian-Speaking Friends

If you come to Russia or Belarus you will find many russian-speaking friends. You will talk very often to them in your free time, discuss news, conduct face-to-face meetings. Thus you learn Russian much quicker.

3 – Developing Informal Conversations

Russian is a beautiful and rich language. To use thousands of sayings, idioms, proverbs foreigners need to study for many years. Talking to friends and carrying on household talks in Russian you will be able to learn well informal Russian conversations.

4 – Russian-Speaking Mass Media, Literature, Theater, Cinema

Watching Russian channels, going cinema or theaters you receive excellent lessons of Russian. Speakers at Russian channels speak in competently build phrases clearly and correctly.

Also you can study with pleasure, while listening to your favourite Russian singer or reading the favourite book in Russian. Even if you will understand a little at first, you will read, talk and understand informal conversation in Russian well very soon.

If you enjoy all the benefits of studying Russian as a foreign language in Russia or Belarus, we wuold be glad to see you as s student of our school. There you will learn Russian language faster and better than at home. Welcome!

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