On the 18th of June The School of Russian language Leader held TORFL exam. It is the first TORFL exam at our school, people from different countries, including Japan, took part in it.

All the students passed the exam successfully and got the certificates of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, by the second and the fourth level according to TORFL system and also the exam for acceptance of the citizenship of Russian Federation.These certificates are internationally recognized.

The School of Russian language “Leader ” is one of 2 testing centers of TORFL exams in Belarus.The exam is held according to the Russian Testing system by agreement with Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

TORFL exams at the school of Russian language “Leader ” are held 3 times a year. The next exam will be held at the end of October. At our school you can pass the following variants of this exam:

You can find the prices for the exam and the additional information at this page. Also you can sign up for the exam by phone +375 (33) 3-296-296, +375 (29) 188-30-00, +375(25)7-352-352.

At the photo:  the group of A2 level.

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