We invite you to take part in our workshop, dedicated to ornamental painting on wood

this Friday 12.07. at 15.00


We will tell you about one of the most ancient art form. It is  called painting on wood.

Today it is widely used in cabinet, tableware, toys and musical instruments making.

There are so many kinds of painting on wood, different traditional techniques and schools.

We will get acquainted with the most popular technique, which is called khokhloma.

Khokhloma is the ancient kind of Russian art, which took its origin from the 12th century in the city  of Nizhnii Novgorod. It is still very attractive until now.

At our workshop we will learn the basic principles of this painting and you will paint your own workpiece. Also you will have a great fun, learning about this ancient art and communicating with interesting people.

We are waiting for you this Friday 12.07 at 15.00 at Internatsionalnaya str.,10

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